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GUITARS and VOCALS 1976–present

It just occurred to me, especially as its the year we lost David Bowie, that I'd been a fan long before I even knew The Cure and certainly they released any Albums.  I am essentially, from the same generation as Robert Smith and its no surprise that an artist from the previous generation, had been an influence, was common to both of us. I know that there are other artist, like Joy Division and equally other's that we would disagree on, from all sorts of reasons, I am sure too!  

It's also true I think, that whoever you find inspiring, entertaining and enjoyable to listen too, have influences from their childhood/youth, which are always worth checking out. And whether one likes or doesn't like the results, always changing, building on things from the past, is important, avoiding things becoming boring, predictable etc.  Whilst there are some common thematic and musical threads, in some albums, singles etc, The Cure's albums, always attempted to break the mould, of previous releases and the same, goes for live performances. 
ALBUMS[All]: Three Imaginary Boys | Seventeen Seconds | Faith | Pornography | The Top | Head on the door | Kiss me Kiss me Kiss me | Disintegration | Wish | Wilds mood Swings | Bloodflowers | The Cure | 4:13 Dream  


Other Instruments [live & studio] Keyboards, Synthesiser, Violin, percussion, flutes, cello

[Selected] Other bands|projects:

Siouxsie and the Banshees
The Glove

[Selected] Live & Studio Collaborations:
Yesterdays Gone [Song from Reeves Gabrels Album Ulyseses]
A Forest [The Cure Song] [Song & remix Blank & Jones]


Reflectons VIVID Live 2011 | The first time I had opportunity to photography.

REFLECTIONS | Vivid Live | Sydney Opera House 2011

The tour program: The Sydney shows, were intended to be one off, recorded, filmed and released.  They were so popular, that shows in London, New York and LA were also performed.  As part of a charity fund raiser, they intended to print a program for these additional shows and was asked to contribute images, from Sydney. Sadly, this didn't get done, in time for the tour and whilst disappointed, was glad to be asked!
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