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GUITARS and VOCALS 1976–present

It just occurred to me, especially as its the year we lost David Bowie, that I'd been a fan long before I even knew The Cure and certainly they released any Albums.  I am essentially, from the same generation as Robert Smith and its no surprise that an artist from the previous generation, had been an influence, was common to both of us. I know that there are other artist, like Joy Division and equally other's that we would disagree on, from all sorts of reasons, I am sure too!  

It's also true I think, that whoever you find inspiring, entertaining and enjoyable to listen too, have influences from their childhood/youth, which are always worth checking out. And whether one likes or doesn't like the results, always changing, building on things from the past, is important, avoiding things becoming boring, predictable etc.  Whilst there are some common thematic and musical threads, in some albums, singles etc, The Cure's albums, always attempted to break the mould, of previous releases and the same, goes for live performances. 
ALBUMS[All]: Three Imaginary Boys | Seventeen Seconds | Faith | Pornography | The Top | Head on the door | Kiss me Kiss me Kiss me | Disintegration | Wish | Wilds mood Swings | Bloodflowers | The Cure | 4:13 Dream  


Other Instruments [live & studio] Keyboards, Synthesiser, Violin, percussion, flutes, cello

[Selected] Other bands|projects:

Siouxsie and the Banshees
The Glove

[Selected] Live & Studio Collaborations:
Yesterdays Gone [Song from Reeves Gabrels Album Ulyseses]
A Forest [The Cure Song] [Song & remix Blank & Jones]


Reflectons VIVID Live 2011 | The first time I had opportunity to photography.

REFLECTIONS | Vivid Live | Sydney Opera House 2011

The tour program: The Sydney shows, were intended to be one off, recorded, filmed and released.  They were so popular, that shows in London, New York and LA were also performed.  As part of a charity fund raiser, they intended to print a program for these additional shows and was asked to contribute images, from Sydney. Sadly, this didn't get done, in time for the tour and whilst disappointed, was glad to be asked!
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ALBUMS Wild mood swings | Bloodflowers | The Cure | 4:13 Dream 

Jason has also appeared on a number of non-album singles, b-sides, live albums, videos and soundtrack songs, including the 1997 single Wrong Number (which also featured Reeve Gabrels first contribution to The Cure). 

In the shows performed by The Cure, Jason has been able to seamlessly perform, the large catalogue of songs, where he and other drummers, have contributed to the studio recordings. It never feels like or should it, that there is a need to compare, his performance, with others and something I generally think, is never helpful or wise (talking about individuals styles, techniques, equipment is great as musicians, but not if it feels like a competition).    


IMDB:   Jason has written/co-written film + Tv scores, as well as playing on songs featured in film + Tv.


KEYBOARDS and TAMBOURINE 1987–1990, 1995–2005, 2011–present

Albums Disintegration | Wild mood swings | Bloodflowers | The Cure

Roger, has also appeared on a number of non-album singles, b-sides, live albums, videos and soundtrack songs. He first toured, for the Kiss Me Kiss me Kiss me album [1987].  


Solo work & Collaborations Roger has a well established solo body of work, which has included fully electronic work (including all Moog Synths), acoustic based collaborations, hybrid of the two, in both recorded, as well as live settings.  

Roger O'donnell Website   

Roger O'Donnell Facebook Page 

Roger's current keyboards &  Stand 

Website description of touring rig as at 2012

Talking synths in the period prior to Roger rejoining The Cure in 2011, I am remembering, we had a few myspace chats, about our various bits of synthesiser related gear (my first two bands and in the 1980's were as a synth player, analogue drum/bass programmer). I think the highlight, was when Roger said he remembered the model of mono synth (OSCar) I owned, which he said "looked like a car bumper", which was quite a fair, accurate and funny description. At no point did we talk about bands.




1979–1982, 1985–present

ALBUMS Seventeen Seconds | Faith | Pornography | Head on the Door | Kiss me Kiss me Kiss me | Disintegration | Wish | Wild Mood Swings | Bloodflowers | The Cure | 4:13 Dream  

Simon has also appeared on a number of non-album singles, b-sides, live albums, videos and soundtrack songs/music (including pre-show films).  

His bass parts, have always complimented and supported the songs of The Cure, where there is a certain depth, texture, warmth to them.  He has also contributed to the writing music for songs, where there is a definite pop sensibility to them eg Love Song, from the Disintegration Album. 


Schecter Guitars Website: 

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REEVES GABRELS |Digging deeper 

 Reeves Gabrels: in action, with his signature Reverend's 'Spacehawk' guitar. 

Its so true, that if you learn to the basics of painting, you soon see, a masters work on a gallery wall differently and/or if you learn to play an instrument, you then hear & see a virtuoso in ways, you could never have imagined. Whether you study formally or informally, the further you go, the more you learn to appreciate, all the time, effort, skill, tools and passion, that an artist puts into their work. Before too long,  you find yourself in places, you'd never noticed, felt and/or experienced before.  


It was coming across some of Reeve's Reverends guitars via the internet, that caught my attention, especially how beautiful they looked & sounded. But somehow, getting to see and hear the Spacehawk, up close & in action, when photographing The Cure Sydney show, sparked an interest, in digging a deeper.

I soon discovered, there is quite a back story, to their development and journey to where they are now, not being surprised,  to find it was started, by a musician, who studied industrial design, who had delved into electronics, with a range of bespoke amps.

The guitars are designed from scratch (Where 1:1 designs are drawn and used in the manufacturing side of production), along with the incredible attention to detail, practical selection of components, custom designed pick ups,  the technicians setting up for use, interaction at trade shows, social media, videos. What really I like too, is the creation of signature model's like Reeves 'Spacehawk', where individual guitarist, have their design ideas, experience and style of playing, incorporated into the design its functionality, which is also influences, by the type of project the guitar is being used for. 

All the team, from CEO down, appear to be active musicians, in various bands/projects and I which  have no doubt, that this has an impact, on their individual and collective approach, to the production, media and marketing, of the Reverend guitars/basses. 


For anyone that hasn't, I definitely recommend, looking further, into what music you listen to, whether its the origin on an instrument, the back story of an artist, the history of and reflect, on your own journey in life.  Because,  I am sure it will renew and/or enhance, an appreciation for all you see, hear and feel.  

Whilst I don't pretend, to be an expert in musicology [aka music history], electronics, mechanics and/or industrial design, I do know, it is something I really enjoy, learning more, sharing and talking about.  There are also, so many books, videos, DVD's, on line sites, workshops, trade shows, friends, colleagues etc, available to absorb, something which I find, encouraging & inspiring, as well as a lot of fun! 


All photos © David Vagg | Photography

Back in the time when we were first exploring music [beyond the piano, which I may or may not, have used thumb tacks on some notes] especially in a band context, we at home had various cheap guitars, bass and keyboards. There was some attempts, at modifying the shape of bass body and much more successful repairs, on broken wiring, input jacks, as well as cables. Then there was a custom made keyboard stand too, which literally had to be screwed together, then bolted in stand, before each show! TBC