Thursday, December 22, 2011

THE CURCH [BAND] 'Future | Past Perfect Tour Australia'

My first memories of seeing The Church, were at the local hotel as a support band (it was a long time ago.....) and a few years later the band I was in at the time ('Grinning Sometimes'), were occasionally using the same rehearsal place ('White Room')when they were preparing for the Album 'Hey Day' in.  Now I find myself, sitting in the Enmore Theatre, while they soundcheck for tonight's show,  where they were performing:    

"the critically acclaimed 'Untitled #23', perennial fan favourite 'Priest=Aura' and the iconic 'Starfish'." 

It was a typically magical night, where the songs took you to another place, where the sum of the parts has a beauty and yet have an edge to it.  



Date: 17 December 2011  

The Venue: Enmore Theatre (Australia)  

The Band  

 Steve Kilbey  
 Marty Wilson-Piper 
 Peter Koppes 
 Tim Powles 

 With special guests 

The Show: Songs

'Untitled #23'
 Cobalt Blue 
 Deadman's Hand 
 Space Saviour 
 On Angel Street 
 Sunken Sun 


'Priest = Aura'
 Swan Lake 
 Witch Hunt 
 The Disillusionist 
 Old Flame 


 Under the Milky Way 
 Blood Money 
 North, South, East and West 
 A New Season 
 Hotel Womb 

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The Photos  

Text TBC

Additional Photos: 'David Vagg | Photography' Facebook Page 

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