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The CURE'Reflections':The Soundcheck

“Vivid LIVE is an exceptional event, and we are very excited to be taking part. We have played a lot of memorable shows in Australia – we first performed here in 1980, and this will be our seventh trip – but it will be our first time onstage in the Sydney Opera House, and we want to do something unique to mark the occasion. Combining Cure members past and present in a live filmed interpretation of our first three albums feels to me like it should do the trick!” Robert Smith.  

The curator of Vivid LIVE, Stephen Pavlovic (Modular Records) secured the band, for the shows billed as 'Reflections' 

The Date
Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Venue
Sydney Opera House, Concert Hall (Australia)

The Songs  
Splintered in Her Head 
All Cats Are Grey
Jumping Someone Else's Train/Another Journey By Train

The Band
Robert Smith: Guitar and Vocals
Simon Gallup: Bass 
Jason Cooper: Drums  
Roger O'Donnell: Keyboard & percussion
Lol Tolhurst: Keyboard & percussion

The Photos  
Sometimes the expressions, "right place right time", "I'm a great believer in luck and I find the harder I work, the more I have of it.", "He who fails to plan, plans to fail",  sometimes meet at the same glorious point and this was one of those times. 

Whilst I was very happy to have tickets for the show, especially given how it was announced so close to the opening night, the idea of shooting some part of the 'project' quickly surfaced. I wanted this to happen, not only as a professional photographer, but as someone who was a long term fan of the band’s music.

To walk into the soundcheck, be able to shoot freely across the front of the stage, whilst hearing some of my favourite The Cure songs, was a time that will not soon be forgotten.  

I am very grateful, for all the people, who were involved in this process, before, during and since.  

Robert Smith
Simon Gallup
Jason Cooper 
Laurence Tolhurst 

Roger O'donnell 

It was strange to have Lol playing, after such a long time. Roger O'Donnell's Keyboard playing is not something I was alone in welcoming back and he clearly was enjoying the unique show that was performed. And then there was the bands overall performance incorporating a sound and light show 
which did not disappoint. .

Whilst I didn’t shoot the show, I had the company of great friends and was left with the knowledge that the show was recorded for a upcoming DVD And then there was the bands overall performance, sound and light show, which did not disappoint. 
(due for release late 2011) as well as many fond memories of an amazing show. 

* Additional photos here 

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