Sunday, November 1, 2009

OBSERVATIONS Cartoline da Milano (Post cards from Milan)

October 2009 

I only spent a day in and around the Piazza Duomo, a time where tourism, fashion, religion, politics & design, all weaving together in a rich tapestry much like life itself (Full of tragedy, purpose, beauty and joy).  

I'd primarily come to Italy (Milan) to visit a family I knew, who had been living, working and studying there for nearly 10 years.  And whilst this was a short stay, approaching the end of their tenure here, it really great time hanging out, sharing and experiencing something of the life they had here.  

Having arrived the night before (from Dublin, Ireland), there was time in the schedule, to allow a trip into 'Duomo Piazzo'. I grabbed a tram into town, on a day that there was Steel Workers Strike/Rally on.  

When I got into town, I went to find a coffee place, to discover the whole idea of take away, was not really the thing to do. On the plus side, the price of a coffee, was about half was I had been paying in Dublin.  



                        STEAL WORKERS STRIKE


The Duomo 




   NB: more words to be added soon....any questions, comments welcome, thanks

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