Tuesday, October 6, 2009

GLEN HANSARD [The Frames | The Swell Season] The Ruby Sessions 2009

Night 2 [of 4] 

Featuring Chequeboard (John), Vyvienne Long, Liam O’Maonlai [Hothouse Flowers] and Damien Rice

Location Doyles Pub, Dublin Ireland 

Date 6 October 2009

Host Conor Donovan


Glen and Damien [busking] as a sat writing my journal, with my pint of bulmers cider and basket of chips, Conner came in excited, explaining that Damien Rice & Glen Hansard, had been/were busking outside!  It seemed that the queue to get in, was really long and folk would miss out entrance into show, due to the limited capacity of the venue. [It was later, saw pictures BoB had taken, as well as youtube clips, as they played cover songs]. It was going to be and in many ways, was already, a special night.  

The table I was looking around, a room already filling up fast and noticed Glen sitting at a table with friends.  It had not been long, since The Swell Season Show in Cork, recognise me and said hi.  We had a quick chat and knew for sure, he was playing tonight [Bearing in mind, that it should be a given, as am sure other artist were there, at shows, to see there mates or simply fans of, play a show]

It was later, when photos of the show were posted, that I realised the photographer David Cleary, was amongst the group of friends. We had exchanged some Myspace messages, about the stills from the film ONCE, only that in itself, is another story, without an ending...yet. I'd not recognise, in part anyway, because he looked quite different to profile picts.  

Other artist ChequerboardLiam ó Maonlaí, Vyvienne Long and Damien Rice.  
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Opening songs it was all pretty casual, as one would expect at an open mike session, without the production you'd expect at a concert/tour, which is in the best sense of that. In many ways as mentioned, it was more the vibe, of a house concert, rather then a pub gig.  

The Heckler there is no way, we are likely to know, what possessed someone, to turn up, queue, pay an entry fee, then yell abuse at Glen!  But, they did, sadly and something that had the potential, to take the edge, of what had been an incredible night.  It was something about the acoustic guitar, that Glen was playing (which had become well known, as featured in the film ONCE and subsequent live performances and videos. It was the attitude, that was disturbing and no question, simple not appropriate or in any sense of the word, cool. Glen, handle this extremely well and made it clear, if the heckler had something to say, he more then happy to deal with. But ultimately he shut up and the show continue, then..... 

A new song it was very cool, in the best sense of the word this time, that Glen decided to play a new song, that was yet to be fully complete and even had the lyrics on a piece of paper! [for the life of me, can not remember name of song or even if, there was one at the time of writing, as it were!]  

Passionate performer is something Glen clearly is and whatever the space he performs, instruments playing, the size of of audience, he always and clearly, performs with passion, from the heart, where you can't but feel the emotion of the words, being sung.  

Paul Brady is someone, who Glen clearly looks up and this became apparent, when he explained the reason he was so emotive about the heckler, was that it he was he that inspired him to play the guitar and especially so, as he was in the audience tonight [standing agains the railing, to the left of where I was standing]. He then asked Paul, to play a song, using his guitar!  It was indeed a special moment, to see, hear and witness. 

Damien Rice was asked to come back on stage, where they sang song from his new album and where Glen sang backing vocals.  Again, like so many aspects, of this series of shows, let alone this night, were things you as a punter, could not plan for and that mystery, spontaneity, just added to the joy of the nights.  At the end, Damien explained to the audience, he had been inspired to play by Glen, to which Glen looked out to Paul Brady, which was quite funny and sweet moment.  

One more song

Post Script


On the walk back to my accommodation, I bumped into Damien and had a quick chat, including that he had in  fact toured Australia. He was charming, friendly and relaxed.   

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