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Mr John Woo (Director)

Bio "John Woo Yu-Sen is an internationally and critically acclaimed film director and producer woo (pun intended) is widely known for his stylised movies, which are renowned for their balletic action sequences, Mexican stand-offs, and use of slow-motion. He's born in china, but has grown up in Hong Kong, where he made his film career, before he went to Hollywood."

Event: A social night, whilst promoting the film: RED CLIFF  
Location: Sydney Harbour 
Year: 2009
The brief: was to capture candid shots of the night, along with Head Shots,of guests with Mr Woo.   

It was early June and I received a call, asking if I wanted take photos on a cruise around Sydney Harbour, for the Director John Woo (who was in Australia promoting the film Red Cliff). Being familiar with and a fan of his films (Face off. Mission Impossible II, Pay Check and Hard boiled), was motivation alone to taking up such a great opportunity.  

I arrived early where the boat was moored (Rushcutters Bay, Sydney Harbour) and met my contact at Icon Films (The films Distributor).  Slowly the small group of guest arrived. 

Mr Woos arrival
Mr Woo and daughter 

As Mr Woo (accompanied by his daughter, who works as his personal assistant)arrived, the guest who were on the back of the boat, formed a semi-circle. He stepped onto the back of the boat and as I was the closets person to him, he greeted me informally, before the official introductions were made. The marketing manager of Icon Film Distribution, then took Mr Woo around the circle, where the formal introductions were made. From this point and for the remainder of the cruise, this was a man who was clearly humble, sociable and happy to relax during the evening.  

The cruise 
This was also during the ‘Vivid Festival’, which had Brian Eno’s work lighting the Sydney Opera house, so to see from the advantage point of a boat something not to miss.  And no doubt, the many other landmarks, including the city scape and bridges, were among many highlights of the cruise, which Mr Woo and guest enjoyed during the first part of the journey around the harbour.   

The Conversation  
To witness guest interact with Mr Woo, was an incredible to witness, where Mr Woo remain attentive, gracious and animated. The guest were clearly familiar with Mr Woo's body of work, as well as genuine fans.  
Mr Woo: In Conversation
Head Shots (Selected) 
Quite a number of guest, wanted their photos taken with Mr Woo, on what was a unique opportunity, with one of cinemas greatest action film directors.  

Mr Woo and guest 

"Thanks David for your wonderful work for us for our recent star tour with acclaimed Director John Woo. You were very discreet, professional and personable, while managing to capture a wonderful evening with some stunning photographs in spite of very trying conditions (low light and confined space). We'd be very pleased to work with you again and would highly recommend you to others."

National Sales Manager 
Icon Film distribution.  

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