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The Frames bio 

"Founded in 1990 by Glen Hansard, The Frames is one of Ireland's biggest independent bands. At 17 Glen borrowed money from his parents to record a demo, pressing 50 copies that he distributed to family and friends; one of the copies made its way to Island Records, which ended up signing Hansard to the roster. With the jump to the major, he founded the Frames, taking the name from his childhood fascination with bicycles; he regularly repaired his friends' bikes, and with the frames scattered about his family's yard, their home was consequently known as "the house with the frames".

Member and label changes, going independent, recording with Steve Albini, touring with Bob Dylan, platinum albums, sold out gigs, six studio albums - the latest being The Cost in 2007, playing with Glen's Academy Award winning project The Swell Season...." 

A fan of the Frames
Whilst I was aware of The Frames, as a number of friends were fans, it was not until I saw them quite by chance, as at HMV in store, Pitt Street, Sydney in 2002. I was immediately drawn, by the dynamic of the band, with and emotional core at its centre. After this, I started looking for more of there recorded music, which did not disappoint.  The year I saw them, was around the time the CD titled 'The Birds'.  

2007 | ONCE (the movie)

"Once is a 2006 Irish musical film written and directed by John Carney. Set in Dublin, this naturalistic drama stars musicians Glen Hansard and Markéta Irglová as musicians. Collaborators prior to making the film, Hansard and Irglová composed and performed all of the original songs in the movie."

Icon Film DistributionAustralian Distributor 
Sydney Film Festival: Were showing a screening of the film
Hoyts Cinemas(Sydney): Location of screening.   

Detail:The two that were scheduled, sold out and it had to be shown at the 'State Theatre', due to popular demand).

I had the good fortune to see the earlier screenings and was blown away by its simplicity, beauty and joy.  However, before I even saw the movie, it was David Cleary 'stills' that really impressed me, not only were they technically good, they somehow captured the emotion of the actors.  


Gig: side show to support slot with Bob Dylan
Location: The Metro Theatre, George Street, Sydney, Australia. 
When: 14 August 2007
Press Pass: This had been arranged by The Frames manager and issued by the tour promoter (Chugg)

The Band

GLEN HANSARD - vocals and guitar

JOE DOYLE - bass and vocals 
ROB BOCHNIK - guitar and vocals
COLM MAC CON IOMAIRE - violin and vocals

The Set List
  1. Song For Someone
  2. Lay Me Down
  3. Seven Day Mile
  4. God Bless Mom
  5. Stars are Underground
  6. Happy
  7. Falling Slowly
  8. Fitzcarraldo
  9. Finally
  10. Fake
  11. Revelate
  12. Star Star
  13. Ghost of Pickering Forest(Colm)
  14. Sad Songs
  15. People Get Ready
  16. Pavement Tune
  17. New Partner (Will Oldham)
  18. Red Chord
  19. Here Comes the Night (Van Morrison)
  20. Heyday (Mic Christopher)

Sunday 19th August Visiting my father 
visited Dad at Nursing Home, where he had spent the last several years, due to his failing health. I showed him a photo of Glen Hansard. I explained about the 'Press Pass' and showed dad the picture (above) on my mobile phone and Dad smiled. Due to his medical condition, it had been a long time, since he had smiled or reacted that way.My father passed away not long after this visit. 

Tuesday 25th September: I went see The Movie ONCE, for another time, at the Dendy Quays (a short walk from the Sydney Opera House) and by this time, the movie had been released theatrically. 

That night I was inspired to take lots of photos around the Sydney Opera House grounds and promenade leading up to it, only that's another story, set of photos and eventually The Swell Season playing there......     

More photos: The Frames myspace 
Video by Moshcam video show     

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